I like to buy or smth

The remote program gives us a wallet, and the value changes if we sell something or when we buy something.
We can buy the flag but we don't have that much money :/
The only thing it allows us to to sell is nullbytes, but it won't buy it for mor than $0.

What we could do where is appeal to a technique called integer Underflow. But first, let's understand what a int overflow is.
Integer overflow
The maxium number that can be represented in a int is 2147483647 and if we add 1 to it, this will cause the signal to invert and we would get -2147483648 as the result.
The opposite thing happens when we subtract 1 from -2147483647, which results in 2147483648, that's an int underflow.
If we sell a nullbyte for -2147483647, when the program tries to subtract the value of the flag the integer would underflow and our wallet's new amount would be over 2 billion dollars, which is way more than enough to buy the flag.

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